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         Learning Together, Gaming Together, Winning Together!

     What do we do?

 We put the power of checking your clan for people trying to ruin the game where it belongs,
in the clan leaders' hands.  We do not want to do your job. We want to offer every available piece
 of knowledge we have, so you can do your job better.

We offer materials such as pdf and video walk-throughs for self-paced training as well as 1 on 1 interaction.

We offer the opportunity of teamviewing someone outside of your clan to build confidence
 in teamviewing  before ever having to actually do one internally.

We offer the ability to ask questions, get answers, and to contribute back to the community.

The true power of CLEAN is that it is 100% driven by the community, those who discover new
 ideas or techniques then give back to the community making us stronger.

Do Nothing? Have someone else do it for you? Take control yourself?

Only through random and immediate teamviews can you be sure. If all knowledge is out there,
the people trying to ruin the game will have one less place to go, YOUR CLAN.

Recruiting Legit Clan Leaders - www.cleanclans.com



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